While brainstorming ideas of how we could assist in the further development of the Afghan-American community, we came across Afghan American Soccer League a soccer league formed through the efforts of first generation Afghan-Americans who sought to bring what was familiar to them from back home in Afghanistan to here in the United States. This would allow them to not only share that passion with others, but also keep that love of soccer alive and ongoing, well into the future. This love of the sport-which we can all relate to-is so much more than just simply a game to them-it's a part of their identity; it’s what’s familiar; and, it’s worth passing onto generations down the line as a form of connection to their roots. We immediately jumped at the opportunity to assist this league given the significance of belonging and joy it holds amongst the Afghan community. We’ve aided by sponsoring the league by providing equipment, food, and games in order to facilitate their passion for soccer. We have also worked on outreach with this league and participated in several events. This is just one way of showing that we cherish our privilege to be able to contribute and give back to our valuable communities. This begs the question: Where does our commitment to serve our communities go from here?
Our service to the Afghan community and the joy that we experienced together in enriching their lives is only the beginning. Our rebranding comes with an increased commitment in our efforts to serve all of our local communities. There are several proposals in the works to make our stores not only sites of delicious, and fresh food, but also as hubs of community service, serving those who need us most and bringing them relief and joy as much as we possibly can. Such plans include participating in non-profit organizations such-as No Kid’s Hungry and Toys for Tots. These efforts are our simple way of paying back and saying “thank you” to our valued customers who have welcomed our restaurant into their neighborhoods.