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Here at Tex's Chicken & Burgers, we don't just make fast food.

We believe that the food you put in your body should be of the freshest and most dependable quality; it should bring family and friends together to enjoy a level of deliciousness and freshness that inspires comfort and trust from every bite. We, at Tex's Chicken and Burgers are the ones to deliver on that promise. From our heavenly crispy chicken to our irresistible burgers, our food’s journey from farm to table receives a level of care and preparation that surpasses what you expect from your usual burger joint. 

Our story

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How did we get here?

Tex's Chicken & Burgers started with a group of friends who had the culinary fantasy to perfect a variety of home-made and healthy recipes that everyone should have the delight of experiencing with their loved ones without breaking their wallets. Since those humble beginnings, our crispy Tex's chicken and mouth-watering burgers has helped us become a local staple in many neighborhoods- from one store in Bronx, NY, we've rapidly expanded our stores across the East Coast of the US. Our restaurants combine our goals to provide fresh food and our dedication towards fulfilling our guest's satisfaction - whether it's natural ingredients, or smart value, we always think of our customers first! What started as a dream has become a delicious reality - Keep your eyes open, we are coming to your neighborhood soon!!

Fresh Ingredients from the Farm

To us, the small details matter

Here's where the magic happens.

Our magic is not just limited to our business alone. Due to our customers love of the meals we serve and support of our restaurants, we are in the privileged position of being able to give back to our communities. Our locations love enriching the communities that they serve beyond our delicious meals. We are active supporters of our communities, some examples of which you can find below: