Our Ingredients

Here's where the whole story begins.

All of our 100% halal beef and chicken come from farms where they are ethically housed and fed a fully grain-based diet - and never get administered antibiotics, growth hormones, or other unnatural chemicals. We believe that healthy food is happy food, so we make it a point to do business with farmers and distributors that treat their livestock right, from birth to slaughter. Our meat always arrives to our stores fresh - never frozen - from a local distributor - so you know you're always eating fresh. And eating fresh means eating right - which makes us happy.

Our Ingredients

The steps we take to ensure quality and freshness.

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Fresh Ingredients from the Farm

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To us, the small details matter

Halal Certification

Tex's Chicken & Burgers are proud to say that our crispy chicken and famed burgers are 100% halal - always. We work directly with halal certification experts to verify and confirm that all of our meat falls squarely within Islamic dietary guidelines - so that our customers can always rest easy with confidence that they can enjoy our delicious food knowing that is always completely halal.

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We Started Humbly but with a Grand Plan

Tex's Chicken & Burgers started with a group of friends who had a culinary fantasy of creating a simple, perfect, healthy, and affordable down-home, Tex's style fast-food restaurant. Since then, our crispy Tex's chicken and mouth-watering burgers has helped us become a local favorite - from one store in Queens NY, we've rapidly expanded our stores across the East Coast of the US and part of Canada. We've mastered our recipes to perfection with the freshest, simplest, high-quality ingredients available. Our restaurants combine our goals to provide fresh fast food and our dedication towards fulfilling our guest's satisfaction - whether it's natural ingredients, or smart value, we always think of our customers first! What started as a dream has become a delicious reality - Keep your eyes open, we are coming to your neighborhood soon!!