We are committed to our local communities and seek out opportunities to give back. We said it, we meant it, and, as promised, here we are again during Thanksgiving 2022! Seeing as how this is a time of giving thanks and being grateful to one another over delicious food, y’all know that we at Tex’s couldn’t just let this opportunity pass by, especially because delicious food is our speciality. We came up with a twofold initiative of giving back: As a way of showing our gratitude and appreciation, we decided upon giving to people in need as well as to those who dedicate their lives to serving others. 

With the twofold plan laid out to be implemented on Thanksgiving day, our dedicated team members got right to work to make this plan into reality and start spreading relief and joy for those who need and deserve it most. Our store manager Ricky-under the instruction of our Marketing and Customer relations director Mohammad-coordinated with the Oasis shelter on 15 Washington Avenue, New Rochelle. People in need who have fallen on hard times given a variety of life circumstances deserve just as much as everyone else to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest. At Tex’s, we didn’t just aim to meet everyone’s needs, our plan was to go all out and please. With this in mind, we prepped 50 boxes of food, half of which included the spicy option for those whose taste buds prefer it-as we said, we don’t just meet needs, we seek to satisfy. Everyone should get to indulge a little-or a lot-during Thanksgiving. This effort was our way of supporting people in our community to forget their struggles and enjoy life over some of our amazing food. 

Wait! You thought we were done? Remember, we said this was a twofold plan, and we wanted to go all out. Our team members kept at work to give back to those who are always on the job when needed to serve and, in many cases, save lives-namely, the police and firefighters. Nothing shows dedication and compassion like putting one’s life on the line to protect others. These are members of our community who don’t get thanked enough for all that they do. So, of course we had to step in and change that. We seized this opportunity to express our gratefulness to the police officers and firefighters of New Rochelle. Mohammad, took the forefront and got in touch with the New Rochelle police department on 475 North Avenue, and the fire department on 45 Harrison Street. 52 boxes of food were delivered to them for their enjoyment. We can’t thank these police officers and firefighters enough for all that they do and the stress that they face on a daily basis. It is our humble hope that the food we sent over made their Thanksgiving a memorable one. 

During Thanksgiving 2022, a total of 102 boxes of food were delivered by our New Rochelle storefront worker Diana and Misbah Kully, who is a part of the marketing and customer service team. None of this could have been possible without our loyal customers and their trust in our delicious food that keeps them coming back for more. We take their loyalty and we pour it right back into the communities our Tex’s locations serve. We would like to take this moment to thank these customers for allowing us the position and privilege to give back to our communities. Here at Tex’s, it is our consistent promise to all of you that we will keep giving back. This Thanksgiving 2022 is just the beginning of our plans to give back during this holiday season. Wait! You thought we were done, again?!?!? Nope, we’re just getting started. As a part of our initiative to give back, we are very excited to work alongside our communities and make their voices heard. If you are a part of a community service event and would like to coordinate with us at Tex’s, please email Mohammad at mkully@tcbqsr.com. We would absolutely love the opportunity to work with you to better serve our community. Furthermore, please keep an eye on our newly designed website and blog for more information on upcoming events. See y’all again very soon!